Wearable gesture armbands

Gesture recognition via armbands instead of cameras.

More information about MYO on getmyo.com


Washable, interactive t-shirt with 1000 LEDs. Can be connected with phone and internet.

See more on cutecircuit.com and tshirtos.com.

How to see around corners

Ramesh Raskar, from MIT Media Lab, presents at TED how to see around corners by using a super high speed camera that scans the reflections of light.


See also http://cameraculture.info/news/

Interactive Plants

Disney again! This time, plants are used to act as capacitive sensors. Add some augmented reality and the result looks quite cool.

Source: Disney Research

Shape shifting boat

A highly maneuverable, shape-shifting boat designed to soak up oil from the ocean by Cesar Harada.
This idea is indeed an evolution in the field of sailing.

Bubble display

A display made out of a bubble? It works because of ultrasonic sounds. 3D is possible as well.
And you can even touch the bubble while it is displaying a video!

Touché capacitive sensor

Touché from Disney Research is capacitive sensor. The demo video shows possible applications with varied materials.

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2012/5/6/3001269/disney-touche-swept-frequency-capacitive-touch-sensor

ZeroN – Levitated Interaction Element

ZeroN is a MIT prototype that allows to interact with levitated objects. Still a bit shaky but quite cool.

Source: http://www.leejinha.com/zeron

Augmented reality glasses

The first Google X project revealed: a demo video of augmented reality glasses.
Let life become even more virtual, woohoo!

And here a parody that shows the Microsoft-version:


Microsoft’s prototype „IllumiShare“ enables remote people to share any physical or digital object on any surface.

Source: Microsoft Research

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