XNA 4 tutorial: Custom shader Effects

This tutorial is about custom shaders within the XNA 4 framework. A shader (in CAD tools often called material and in XNA called effect) is a programm executed on the graphics card to manipulate the visual presentation of an object or a whole scene. A shader can describe the surface of an object and how it interacts with light (e.g. matt, glossy, shiny, reflective, bumpiness, color). Shaders can also be used for motion (morphing, water, hair), for shadows or for post effects (motion blur, depth of field). This tutorial is about integrating shaders into a XNA 4 game engine not about writing shaders in HLSL code. Read more …

Santa Claus Boot Camp

Bubbles from Hell


Helle Grundsoße

Zutaten: Glühwein, Schokostreusel


Zutaten: Mandeln, Puderzucker, Raspelschokolade, Eiweiß, Oblaten, Haselnuss weiterlesen …

Useless machine

„There is something unspeakably sinister about a machine that does nothing – absolutely nothing – except switch itself off.“

Teams of quadrotor drones

See: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2011/01/construction_by_teams_of_quadrotor.html

iPhone translator

See: http://t3n.de/news/word-lens-verbluffende-ubersetzungs-app-290890/

The Trons

„The Trons are a garage rock band from Hamilton, New Zealand. The band has no human members, all instruments being played by robots built from junk and salvaged electronics. All songs are original, and the band tours and gigs like a normal human band, except for needing to be carried everywhere!

The instruments are standard human ones, with robot limbs and fingers attached. The heart of the band is a 15 year old computer from a decommissioned vending machine, which has been reprogrammed to feed the song info to the machines. This control system keeps it all synced up but the junky nature of the robots means there is a mechanical randomness to the playing as well.“

See: http://www.thetrons.com/


ShapeShift is a new, experimental electro-active polymer designed to created animated architectural skins.

See: http://www.fashioningtech.com/xn/detail/2095467:BlogPost:29273

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